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Proposals sought for Monk Seal Alliance projects

Proposals sought for Monk Seal Alliance projects

By Stephanie Horsman - June 25, 2020

The Prince Albert II Foundation, in conjunction with the MAVA Foundation for Nature, the Segré Foundation, the Sancta Devota Foundation, and the Thalassa Foundation, is launching a call for two collaborative projects for their Monk Seal Alliance project.

The Monk Seal Alliance (MSA), was founded in 2019 to bring together associations that are working on ways to preserve the Mediterranean monk seal population and it has now put out a call for project proposals covering two topics.

The first is for the conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal in priority areas. The focus of this project should address at least one of three objectives: to end harmful impacts of tourism on the seal population, to stop negative interactions with fishermen, and to create or enforce measures in protected areas for the species.

Projects must include, amongst several other criteria points, an education, information or training component and must be carried out in the priority areas of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. Projects will need to be ready to go by the first trimester of 2021 and funding is available from €50,000 to €300,000, possibly more for larger scale international projects.

The pre-application form must be handed in by 15th August, outlining the objectives of the plan. Those who make it to the next stage will need to turn in a complete project proposal by 30th September.

The second has to do with reinforcing international collaboration and capacity building for Mediterranean monk seal protection.

This proposed project should look at concrete activities that define potential monk seal habitats, are looking to have a better understanding of the seal population, and to raise awareness on the monk seal’s status, negative impacts and protection measures.

This project encourages people from countries where monk seals are currently breeding and living, with different backgrounds and levels of expertise, as international cooperation is essential. The projects should be roughly two to three years in duration and be prepared to start by June 2021. Maximum financing offered is €300,000.

Pre-application forms must be submitted by 15th October 2020 and include the main aspects of the project and how it responds to the objectives set forth. Those who pass the pre-screening will be invited to submit a full proposal before 15th January.

For more information, a complete listing of the requirements and to get the pre-application forms, visit



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