Push to have basketball games broadcast live

AS Monaco Basketball’s season has ground to a halt this November with all their scheduled Jeep Elite matches postponed. But there is a silver lining: organisers are working to revamp the schedule to allow games to be played and broadcast live with the cooperation of a TV broadcaster and the teams.
It’s a case of good news/bad news for basketball fans as the Ligue Nationale de Basket (LNB), who manage the Jeep Elite schedule, has decided to postpone all scheduled matches for the month of November. That’s clearly the bad news. The good news is that they are looking at ways to broadcast future games live so supporters can still get their Roca Team fix.
Details of how this will work is expected soon, although not soon enough for fans and players who anticipate being able to get back on the court for the 15 games that were previously on the books.
“The fact that all upcoming Roca Team matches will be broadcast live will be highly appreciated by our fans,” said Executive Director of ASM Basketball, Oleksiy Yefimov.  “Even when we could welcome the fans to Gaston-Médecin this season, the Covid restrictions did not allow us to receive all the supporters in the room. I am convinced that our partners will also appreciate the visibility due to the TV audience. In this period of confinement, fans will be all the more likely to want to watch the matches of the Roca Team. And above all, playing will help maintain the vital link of our supporters and all basketball fans in France.”
The Roca Team’s Euro Cup 7 scheduled match against Andorra at Gaston-Medecin was already postponed due to the quarantine of the Andorran workforce on 4th November as an outbreak of Covid was detected at the Mora Banc Andorra.
Photo of Roca Team’s last game, courtesy AS Monaco Basket