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RAMOGE 2018 exploration – Atalante stops in Monaco

RAMOGE 2018 exploration – Atalante stops in Monaco

By Staff Writer - September 26, 2018

The oceanographic vessel Atalante has used its specialist equipment to examine eight areas of ecological interest in the RAMOGE area.

The vessel made a stopover in Monaco on 24 September at the end of the seven-day exploration, operating at depths of 2000m.

The Atalante stopover in Monaco © P Gilles

This campaign has collected data on the habitats and species present in these deep zones and to provide information on the pressures these areas of ecological interest are undergoing (waste accumulation in particular).

The team of scientists took advantage of this visit to the Principality to share their work with the authorities and representatives of the three member countries of the RAMOGE Agreement.

When the scientists have processed the data, the RAMOGE Agreement will reveal the results regarding the state of conservation of biodiversity in the area, which will promote preservation measures.

Atalante is equipped with a ROV Victor 6000 remote controlled underwater vessel, containing a range of investigation tools (cameras, clamps and vacuum cleaner for samples / samplings, sediment cores).

The team is composed of scientists from the three countries of the Agreement, from the following research organizations: French Agency for Biodiversity, Ifremer, National Museum of Natural History, GIS Posidonia, CPIE, ISPRA, University of Genoa , Directorate of Environment and Scientific Center of Monaco.

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