Rapid breast cancer screening system to revolutionise women’s health

Did you know the wait for breast cancer screening results can take as long as four weeks in France? Here in Monaco, that time period has been cut down to just one day thanks to a revolutionary new clinic that has recently opened at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre. 

Coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Breastday Centre opened its doors at the CHPG in early October.  

It will allow women wishing to be screened for breast cancer or those looking for a second opinion to consult with a doctor, undergo imaging and run blood tests as well as receive their results all within a single day. Patients with suspected breast cancer will also be able to organise the necessary follow-up treatments and consultations on the spot. 

All patients have to do with call the hospital to make an appointment. A consultation over the telephone will be offered by a doctor within 48 hours, after which the patient will be invited to attend the CHPG if further investigation is needed.

This highly advanced centre will revolutionise the Principality’s current diagnosis and treatment pathways.  

Further information: www.chpg.mc/portfolio/breastday-center/.



Photo by Angiola Harry for Unsplash