Recap: Parliament of Small European States meeting

Presidents and representatives of the Parliament of Small European States met in Monaco recently, giving them a chance to discuss shared challenges, opportunities and interests. Here are the outcomes.

What do the Principality of Monaco, the Principality of Andorra, the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the Republic of Malta, Montenegro and the Republic of San Marino all have in common?

They are all members of the Parliament of Small European States, which held its 15th Conference in Monaco from 12th to 14th June.

The meeting was presided over by National Council President Stephane Valeri with the representatives and presidents of the nations coming together to discuss how these countries “share numerous interests based on common values, and face similar problems” such as strong commitments to uphold international law and human rights, and finding solutions to increase the attractiveness of small states to improve economic development and grow the tourism sectors.

The meeting also covered the importance of interparliamentary cooperation as a means of fostering understanding, especially on such hot topics as the environment, the economy, gender equality and social issues, as well as a way to gain more visibility on the European and international stages for small countries.

As is still the case for most nations, Covid’s impact is still being felt, and the meeting allowed participants to discuss ways to nurture tourism through Monaco’s invitation for representatives from that sector to join in. They also resolved to explore ways to better prepare in the event of future health crises, focusing on citizens’ needs, priorities and expectations.

 Monaco had previously asked the Tourist Offices from these countries to promote themselves in the Principality to visitors and residents via display stands, which have proved to be worthwhile.

The issue of women in executive roles was addressed, and the members thought it necessary to continue to update legislation and practices to create the right conditions for gender equality to flourish. Some ideas on how to accomplish this were by breaking stereotypes or encouraging more women to become active on the political scene.

The Parliament of Small European States also touched on the war in Ukraine. They agreed they would “collectively enhance all their Parliamentary efforts in exploring all possible venues on a Parliamentary dimension, with both countries to lead towards a peaceful solution after the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” according to a press release by the Monaco government.

The meeting adjourned with an agreement to meet again in 2023 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.



Photo source: Conseil National