Recital by Dimitri Goldobine on harpsichord and luth

There are new dates this week in the series of musical events being hosted at St Paul’s Church in Monaco and St Michael’s in Beaulieu.
The next recital is 23rd September at 8:30pm at the Anglican Church in Monaco and on 24th September 8:30pm at the Anglican Church in Beaulieu.
Dimitri Goldobine will present ‘200 years of English music’ on Harpsichord and Luth. He will play music by Byrd, Dowland, Gibbons, Purcell, Blow, Handel and more.
Dimitri was born in Russia where he studied musicology and organ and came to France to study harpsichord and luth. He holds a doctorate in musicology and is professor of ancient instruments at the Conservatory in Cannes.
Dimitri is the author of several musical works for voice, voice and lute, harpsichord, as well as for the Orthodox liturgy.
Tickets for the concerts are €20 and can be bought at the door from 8pm.