Recycling made easy in the Principality

The days of confusion over what can and cannot be recycled, which bins to put things in and where to find receptacles, is coming to an end with the government’s new simplified system.

Since March, changes to the waste management systems have been implemented to make the process easier for both residents and those working at the recycling facilities.  

The decision to lower the number of bins from three to two should assist in streamlining the process. The blue bin previously used has been eliminated, and now the yellow bin will accept a larger number of items. In addition to plastics, cardboard and metal waste, this bin will be the new home to polystyrene trays, plastic bags, egg cartons, compote sachets, aluminium coffee capsules, yogurt pots, and plastic wrapping film. The green bin will continue to be used solely for glass.  

To further help make the transition as smooth as possible, the Principality has delegated the task of informing the public to a group of Waste Sorting Ambassadors who are available to clear up any uncertainty, as well as handing out 12,000 magazines dedicated to explaining the new system.

What’s more, the government is making recycling fun. The new, “smart” glass collection programme, dubbed Cliiink, is an interactive website and mobile app that shows residents where any of 52 smart containers in Monaco are located. People then simply deposit glass waste into one of these receptacles and earn points that go toward discounts, free gifts, or charities.

This is the first reward programme of its kind in either France or Monaco, and it already has over 1,100 adherents.

For more information, go to or call toll free on 80 00 02 40.


By Stephanie Horsman