Rencontres Philosophiques offerings during lockdown

Confinement continues but that doesn’t mean the public need miss out on the activities that the Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco are putting on, with new content available every day.
The Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco is hosting a plethora of online events to help get through this confinement period, including conferences, round tables, masterclasses and special shows all organised with thinkers and philosophers and recorded in accessible online audio versions on Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.
These events complement their daily activities such as reading recommendations, inspirational quotes, social networking opportunities, philosophical news, videos and podcasts as well as a new special and relevant series just for the crisis they call the Philosophical Antivirus series.
In this series of interviews, Joseph Cohen invites thinkers and philosophers to weigh in on the current health crisis and discuss the impacts on the world at large. The antivirus series is broadcast on PhiloTV, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on the Princess Grace Hospital network.
In addition to the meetings and events, the site presents the complete biographies and bibliographies of the speakers, listings of the philosophical prizes awarded every year, publications available for sale at their bookstore and member programmes.
For more information visit their website at