Renovation work begins on heliport

Monaco’s busy heliport is undergoing a major redesign for the comfort of both passengers and staff.

The government on Wednesday revealed that the Public Buildings Maintenance Service (SMBP) has initiated work to redevelop the heliport and surrounding environment.

It includes a complete renovation of the reception hall and a reconfiguration of the layout for a better use of space. Access will also be improved.

Staff and passengers will benefit from increased thermal and sound protection as the SMBP will wrap the entire external facades of the building with thermal insulation which, coupled with new windows, will significantly reduce noise and air pollution generated by the helicopters.

The future Monaco Heliport. Image source: SMBP

As part of its commitment to sustainable building practices, the BD2M has chosen to use biosourced insulating materials (wood fiber), ‘smart’ glazing, and 180 m² of solar panels that will prevent more than 4.6 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

The BD2M will also strengthen security by raising the fences around the site and installing an additional anti-intrusion device.

Around 250 m2 of temporary modular offices have been set up in the parking lot to ensure the heliport continues to operate throughout the six-month project.


Photo source: SMBP