Reprieve at the pumps: TotalEnergies extends price freeze to premium fuels

The TotalEnergies group has announced that from Friday 7th April, they will temporarily extend the €1.99 price freeze to SP 98 and their premium Excellium line.

A price cap of €1.99 per litre of petrol set up by French energy giant TotalEnergies since 1st March, is being prolonged, albeit only for the time being.

The extension goes into effect on Friday 7th April and, says the company, will continue “until the stations no longer experience supply difficulties” for their premium Excellium brand, though for regular diesel and SP95, the cap remains until the end of 2023.

Total runs roughly one-third of France’s 10,000 petrol stations, so this gesture is huge for motorists, many of whom are feeling the effects of pension reform protest-induced petrol shortages. Until now, the company had excluded their higher-end ranges from the freeze, but have now included them for the short term.

“Some stations are out of one or more products. This expansion will allow our customers to benefit from the measure regardless of the product,” a source inside the group told AFP.

As of Wednesday 5th April, nearly 7% of France’s petrol stations were experiencing shortages of at least one type of fuel, according to data from the government website for gas prices.

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Photo Engin Akyurt on Unsplash