Request for Extraordinary Minimum Income

Monaco’s self-employed entrepreneurs will have access to a minimum monthly income as part of the government’s new economic measures, effective immediately.
As of Wednesday 1st April, an Extraordinary Minimum Income of a fixed amount of €1,800 will be granted to the self-employed with an activity in their own name, who currently find themselves without revenue.
This applies to all self-employed professionals in Monaco, including artisanal, industrial, commercial, and liberal professions, provided they are not being paid by the Social Security Funds Monaco as compensation for childcare.
“The request for Extraordinary Minimum Income must be accompanied by a certain number of documents and certificates, the list of which can be consulted on the Government’s website,” it was revealed in a statement.
To make it easier, a web page dedicated to this system is available online at, under Covid-19.
The request must be sent exclusively by email to at the Welcome Office, who will respond to the requester by email, and will notify them of their eligibility.
The Welcome Office will then take care of making payment requests to the General Treasury of Finances, on behalf of eligible applicants. Beneficiaries will receive their payment by bank transfer.
Photo: Pixabay