New restaurant: Fine dining reaches new high at Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac

Michelin-starred Executive Chef Christophe Cussac has put his name – and his genius – to the Hôtel Métropole’s new gastronomic restaurant, Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac, reviving the hotel’s prestigious fine-dining past while firmly marking his position in the contemporary Mediterranean food scene. 

With the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, Monaco is a renowned culinary destination where some of the finest talent and the best restaurants in the world reside.

Standing out amongst this calibre is no mean feat.

As Head Chef of Jöel Robuchon’s two-starred restaurant in Monaco (2004 to 2020) and the two-starred Restaurant du Métropole (2020 to 2021) as well as Executive Chef of the Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Yoshi, the rooftop restaurant Odyssey by Karl Lagerfeld, and the Bar and Lobby, with its sweet and savoury treats, Christophe Cussac has already garnered the respect of his loyal customers and peers at the Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo.

But this eponymous restaurant, Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac, is a landmark restaurant for the prestigious hotel, an exciting new culinary high for Monaco, and a dream-come-true for the native-French chef.

“It is with heartfelt emotion that I embark upon a new adventure at the Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo, within these walls that I have grown to know so well since 2004,” Chef Christophe Cussac tells Monaco Life. “As a chef, it is a real privilege to open my own restaurant, especially in Monaco where I have such loyal guests.”

A contemporary nod to the past

The name ‘Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac’ is a tribute to the history of the Belle Epoque hotel. Inaugurated in 1886, the Métropole opened its restaurant ‘Les Ambassadeurs’ in the 1920s and it quickly became a gastronomic reference for the international elite.

Remarkably, during the recent renovation works, the team discovered a treasure-trove of old documents that included recipes of the day.

“I was fascinated to find in the grimoire the menus, the press covers and some old photos of the restaurant at the time. I did not reproduce any of the recipes exactly, but I was surprised by the simplicity of the dishes, which is very much in keeping with my own cooking style,” says the chef.

Chef Cussac’s signature lobster lasagne. Photo credit: Studio Phenix

Three flavours per dish: straight to the point

Cussac’s cuisine delivers traditional Mediterranean flavours for the modern palate, with bespoke-sourced produce crafted into a menu that eats like a piece of culinary art.

The bread trolley is a paniphile’s dream, with mini loafs of all shapes, sizes and colours, served with a fresh quenelle of decadent salted butter.

The sensory experience extends to the tableware, with beautiful plates cradling such delicate delights as: seabream tartare cannelloni, lavishly encased in caviar and gold leaf; le tian of striped red mullet with Niçoise courgettes and a robust tomato dust; deliciously sweet langoustine smothered in sauce Maltaise with tempura green beans; and perfectly pink and juicy squab with lettuce on a bed of creamy parmesan.

Together with the chef’s signature dishes of marinated sardine with caviar and Menton lemon, and lobster lasagne with tarragon, spinach and spianata, guests are taken on a culinary journey into Cussac’s own contemporary interpretations of Mediterranean specialities.

Sea bream tartare cannelloni with caviar and gold leaf. Photo credit: Studio Phenix

Pastry Chef Patrick Mesiano and his team are also outstanding. Their talents shine in a spectacular dessert trolley that is laden with delicate tarts of sophisticated flavours.

The expertly considered dishes are complemented by carefully selected wine pairings: a crisp Domaine Vacheron Sancerre, a Bourgogne Chassagne-Montrachet Chardonnay and a Tuscan Tenuta San Guida are among the highlights.

The menu is ingeniously separated into three sections: the first features normal sized entrées and main dishes; the second is a dégustation menu featuring seven curated dishes; and the third is ‘Les Fines Bouchées’ comprised of 13 dishes, perfectly sized to allow guests to select their own tasting menu according to their likes and appetite.

The dessert trolley features an exquisite selection of tarts and fresh fruit. Photo credit: Studio Phenix

Service and design worthy of this prestigious address

The synchronisation between food and service at Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac contributes to its ‘wow factor’. Experienced floor staff, lead by Director Marco Tognon, are genuinely happy to guide you every step of the way, from bread and wine selection right through to the main event.

Designer Jacques Garcia has brought a new identity to the restaurant with an elegant, warm and intimate atmosphere. It is an extension of the emblematic and timeless elegance that Garcia has achieved throughout the entire hotel, from the lobby and reception hall to the hotel rooms, which will have their revamp when the hotel enters its next phase of renovation in September 2024.

Thankfully, the restaurants will remain open during this period.

Behind the scenes: guests can sit at a bar in the kitchens to really get a feel for the action. Photo credit: Studio Phenix

A major part of the works at the Hôtel Métropole has been the expansion of the kitchens, and they are almost as beautiful as the dining space itself. Three large work stations accommodate 11 chefs, and there’s also a ‘bar table’ where guests can immerse themselves in all the action, as well as a ‘chefs table’ in the main dining area, overlooking the service kitchen.

In the restaurant, light walls and soft furnishings set the scene for the open kitchen to connect the masters at work with all their guests, giving Cussac the platform to finally step out of the shadows and into the spotlight where he belongs.

Chef Christophe Cussac shines in his new restaurant. Photo credit: Studio Phenix

Watch this space…

Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac leaves an impression, a lasting aftertaste of pure satisfaction.

It is a shiny new jewel in Monaco’s culinary crown, an experience beyond dining and, as an early contender for being a top tier restaurant in Monaco, Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac has multi-Michelin stars written all over it.


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