Results: Solar and Energy Boat Challenge

The 2019 edition of the Solar and Energy Boat Challenge has been deemed a great success, with hundreds of young people from all over the world taking part in a competition designed to challenge today’s boating industry.

The 6th edition was held in Monaco from 2nd to 6th July, organised by the Yacht Club of Monaco and in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the International Powerboating Federation (UIM). The aim of this ambitious competition is to show the nautical world that clean energy can play a role in this industry, be it solar or other electrical generation.

“The sixth edition was a real success,” said UIM President Raffaele Chiulli, “hundreds of young people from all over the world took part in the event with great enthusiasm, affirming the federation’s role of world leadership in eco-sustainability.”

© YCM / Fred Allavena

The Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge promotes and optimises electric propulsion systems not only at an academic level, but more so for the purposes of pleasure boating and those who are increasingly attentive to environmental concerns.

The 34 competing boats this year provided plenty of entertainment, challenging each other in three classes: Energy Class, Solar Classes (including a-class and open class sub-divisions) and Offshore Class.

In the Energy Class, French Wave ESTACA Team came in top spot with 1,200 points, followed by HYDROVINCI (France – 900), Nobiskrug (Germany – 619), HydroGadz (France – 445), SBM Offshore E-Racing Team (Principality of Monaco – 367), OCEANOS NTUA (Greece 222) and Hydros Team Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia – 169).

© YCM / Fred Allavena

Sunflare Solarteam (Netherlands) saw success in the A-Class Solar, followed by Tecnico Solar Boat (Portugal – 869), AGH Solar Boat Team (Poland – 619), VHL-Nordwin Solar Boat Team (Netherlands – 600), HEIG- VD2 (Switzerland – 423), UAntwerp Solar Boat Team (Belgium – 293) and Sinnergy Solar Team (Netherlands – 190).

In the Open Class Solar, there was triumph for the Dutch New Nexus Solar Boat Racing Team (1025 points), followed by Dutch Solar Boat Team (Netherlands – 738), Solar Boat Team Emden (Germany – 727), DB-20 Solar Boat Racing (Netherlands – 522), Solar Boat Twente (Netherlands – 521), Team Solar Amsterdam (Netherlands – 415) , RA Racing Team (Netherlands – 195) and Engineers of Innovation (Netherlands – 177).

Scottish boat Vita Yachts, with 625 points, was awarded the Offshore Class, while Anvera Elab (Italy – 600) dominated the Reliant category, reserved for boats with recharging capabalities on land. TU Delft Solar Boat Team (Netherlands – 625) got the better of POLIMI (Italy – 169) in the Independent category (boats without recharging).

© YCM / Fred Allavena

Meanwhile, ashore a conference titled ‘Sustainable management and development within the maritime environment’ took place, showcasing what solutions are on offer, what needs to be done, and what approaches are currently being taken to meet the challenges facing the environment. The principle idea that emerged is that each project must be part of a global approach to have a significant, positive impact.