Revealed: The new Villa Lamartine

Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan has unveiled plans for the refurbishment of the beautiful 19th century Villa Lamartine, which will eventually be used as a multi-purpose entertainment and cultural venue.

Formerly home to the José Notari Video-Sound Library, the Villa Lamartine will be transformed into a modern facility whilst still retaining its 19th century charm.

Plans for the new interior include reconstruction of the floors, the addition of an interior lift, makeovers of both the façade and the interior spaces, as well as making the building eco-friendlier with the installation of solar panels.

Photo by Mairie de Monaco

The multi-use facility will first be the exclusive domain of seniors, but will eventually become “a place of life, culture, entertainment and leisure activities” for all.

The operation will be built as part of the environmental approach urged by the government’s Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings of Monaco (BD2M) scheme, where they aspire to reach a silver level of quality. The Villa Lamartine rehabilitation project will last two years and delivery is scheduled for the end of 2023.

Once completed, the villa will have 1,000m2 of space, divided into three sections. In the basement there will be a relaxation-conviviality centre, the ground floor level will house the A Pignata restaurant, a pub and a fully-equipped leisure centre that includes various games tables such as billiards, chess, foosball and cards, a reading area, as well as the Snoezelen sensory area, a soothing and stimulating therapeutic room originally used in the treatment of autism, dementia, brain injury or developmental disability.

The first floor will house a sport centre and a party room that will be available for rent and can accommodate up to a hundred guests, while the second floor will be home to the cultural centre. This four-room space will consist of a soundproofed room for musicians, a conference room, a space dedicated to creative workshops and finally, a computer room.

Top photo by Stephane Danna, Government Communication Department