Rewilding: Monts d’Azur sends a herd of Europe’s last wild horses to the Spanish plains

rewilding monts d'azur

A herd of Przewalski horses have left the hinterland of the Côte d’Azur for the Iberian peninsula as part of a Rewilding Europe project to reintroduce wild horses to the plains of Castille-La Mancha and Aragon. 

Three males and seven females have been rounded by rangers at La Réserve des Monts d’Azur, a free-ranging park of 700 hectares that is home to a variety of native and introduced species, from bison, moose, deer and boar to wolves, chamois and golden eagles. They are now en route to their new home in the Iberian highlands.  

It is hoped that this wild breed, one of the last of its kind in Europe, will take to the new surroundings with ease.  

This act of rewilding is something the Monts d’Azur has plenty of experience with, having reintroduced and integrated a number of suitable species to the grasslands and rocky outcrops of its range above the hills of Grasse.   

The reserve is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and has a special 50% discount offer on until mid-April. Visit the website to find out more.  


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Photo source: La Réserve des Monts d’Azur