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Road closures from next week

Road closures from next week

By Staff Writer - January 7, 2017

Phase 1 travaux FANB
The reconstruction of the private school Francois d’Assise Nicolas Barré (FANB), on avenue de Roqueville, and the construction of the Diocesan House, on rue Bellevue, close to the Victoria on blvd Princesse Charlotte, will continue in three phases in 2017 and involve a number of road closures and diversions.

Connecting the two buildings to the electricity, telephone and water networks will start on January 9, and the first phase, which will last until the beginning of March, will involve the complete closure of rue Paradis.

Traffic will be redirected through avenue Saint Michel, rue des Genêts and rue des Roses. From the beginning of March to the end of June 2017, phase “2a” will concern the rue de la Source, between rue des Roses and avenue de Roqueville.

In August, phase “2b” will cover the part between the avenue de Roqueville and the border with France and, at the same time, between rue de la Source and rue Bellevue. These two phases will involve a complete closure of the roads concerned and detailed plans for traffic diversions are being set up in coordination with the Commune of Beausoleil.

From the beginning of October to mid-November 2017, the last phase will concern rue Bellevue Street and avenue Princesse Charlotte.

The future FANB will bring together classes from the Rock’s middle school and those of its highschool to reach a total potential strength of 750 pupils. Its delivery is scheduled for the end of 2018, for a re-entry of students after the winter school holidays in early 2019. The future Diocesan House will be erected on the old “Villa Roma” 18, rue Bellevue. It will be built on five levels from rue Bel Respiro and will include Pastoral and Administrative Services. It may also host religious studies, ceremonies and other events.

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