Roadworks to disrupt traffic flow in Fontvieille

Works to connect Monaco to the high-speed fibre optic system Europe India Gateway will impact traffic in Fontvieille for the next few weeks.

Civil engineering teams will be working on Avenue Albert II between 21st November and 16th December to connect Monaco Telecom facilities to Zone F in Fontvieille.

The works are an important development for the Principality’s international strategy as they will be allowing for the connection of Monaco to the Europe India Gateway (EIG) cable, a high-speed fibre optic system.

Works will be undertaken during the day from Monday to Friday, from the stadium roundabout to the intersection of Rue de la Lüjerneta. The works will not cause any initial changes to the traffic lanes, however deviations will be implemented as the work progresses.

For the duration of the work, the Albert II bus stop will be moved from its current location to the nearby parking areas, which will be partially neutralised.


Photo by Monaco Life