Roya kids’ special day out at Oceanographic Museum

The Oceanographic Museum and the Princess Charlene Foundation have joined forces to offer the children of the Roya Valley a dedicated day for this year’s Oceans for All project.

The children living in the Roya Valley have endured an incredibly difficult year since the disastrous floods that hit their region in October 2020. To give them a break from their daily hardships, this year’s Oceans for Allevent at the Oceanographic Museum on 1st June will be dedicated to them, giving them and all visitors a chance to delve in the watery depths and learn about the fascinating world under the sea, as well as to see what role they can play in helping to preserve the planet.

Marine ecosystems provide food, regulate the climate, and are home to countless species of plant and animal life. Giving children the chance understand how they can be a part of keeping this fragile ecosystem healthy is vital and Oceans for All has been there for the past seven years to show them how.

Since 2014, the Princess Charlene Foundation has championed this event, which gives children from the PACA region’s most remote areas or disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to spend a day immersed in another world.

The day will be filled with fun activities and discoveries at the Oceanographic Museum including a journalistic project where they will use photos, videos and their own words to put together a message explaining the reason the oceans must be protected. Each piece will be shared with other classes, giving the children different perspectives on the topic.

The French Ministry of National Education, the Monaco National Youth and Sports Education Department, Le Grand Tour, the Novotel Monte-Carlo hotel, Stars’N’Bars and France Bleu Azur provide support every year in the organisation of the event, and private anonymous donors have also contributed to make the day a success.

The Institute is also accepting donations from private individuals who would like to participate in the event. The money collected will go towards making transportation, overnight stays and supplies readily available for the children, as well as to make this event open to as many classes as possible.