School Tutoring for Excellence giving disadvantaged youth a chance

A new programme called School Tutoring for Excellence is being put forth this scholastic year for 46 young people from underprivileged backgrounds who have shown promise, drive and a will to make good futures for themselves.

The School Tutoring for Excellence programme, made possible by the Louis Germain Institute, CFM Indosuez Wealth Management and the rectorate of the Nice Academy with the support of AMADE, is being launched this year to help motivated and talented middle and high school students from disadvantaged situations get a leg up.

The beneficiaries of the scheme are all volunteers who had been noticed by their educators as having what it takes to go the extra mile scholastically but lack the support to make it happen.

The programme aims to give the 46 selected students from Louis Nucera and Maurice Jaubert in Nice a chance to express their full potential and give them access to studies they otherwise may not be able to have.

The Louis Germain Institute has set the bar so that these students can study at levels appropriate to their skills through partnerships with the schools over holidays. Course work ranges from French, history, general culture, maths and physics and are taught by qualified instructors.

The chosen students have been identified by principals, heads of learning institutions and primary educational advisors based on three main criteria, those of level, behaviour and merit. The students and their families are also part of the equation and must be willing to commit to the rigorous course of study.

Launched six years ago at the Academy of Aix-Marseille, this programme has expanded exponentially. Thirty-one campuses and 450 pupils now benefit from it, with a force of 50 teachers to back it up.

Success stories abound, and many graduates of the programme have gone on to study at universities such as Louis Le Grand Lycée in Paris, Sciences Po, HEC or Faculties of Medicine.

Those being initiated into School Tutoring for Excellence today will be part of the programme for three years, equalling 130 hours of class time. The cost per student is €500, paid for by the supporters.  

In addition to this program, AMADE is also committed to the prevention of school dropouts in the Nice region, via the Initiative’s Emergency Break Poverty Foundation, for the benefit of young people Social assistance to childhood.