Schools to close indefinitely

The Prince’s Government has announced that all schools and crèches will be closed as of Monday 16th March until further notice.
“This measure aims to protect our children and reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus across our territory,” said the government in a statement released on Friday morning.
“Monegasque authorities will set up a daycare service for the children of staff whose activity is essential in the fight against the epidemic or for the functioning of the State and organisations of vital importance (OIV). Priority will be given to parents whose job it is to care for and protect against the virus. Parents can also find a solution in schools for children who cannot be looked after other than by the elderly. As a last resort, a case-by-case solution will be put in place for parents who are unable to have their children looked after.
“The Directorate of National Education for Youth and Sports is taking, with the educational community, the appropriate measures to ensure the continuity of teaching and monitoring of students, in particular through digital applications already implemented.
The Princely Government invites all educational establishments to put in place this type of measure aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of education.
At the same time, the Princely Government recommends the establishment of telework to allow the pursuit of economic activities while meeting the requirements of childcare.”
It follows an announcement by France’s President Emmanuel Macron that the country has entered stage 3 of the epidemic, closing schools and créches throughout the country, as well as other containment measures.
For questions surrounding education, the Prince’s Government has set up a telephone number: 98 98 47 01 and an email:
People can call Monaco’s Covid-19 hotline if they have questions: 92 05 55 00 or email
People suffering symptoms can call 18 or 112.
Photo: Pixabay