Scouts and Guides join with Prince Albert to plant trees at reforestation site in La Turbie

To dually mark the centenaries of Prince Rainier III and the existence of the Scouts and Guides in Monaco, 100 native trees were planted on a parcel of land in La Turbie over the weekend by the association, which was joined in its endeavour by Prince Albert and Princess Stéphanie.  

On Saturday 25th November, members of the Scouts and Guides of Monaco association headed up to a plot of land between the A8 toll in La Turbie and the Grande Corniche to plant 100 trees indigenous to the region.  

Prince Albert, ahead of his departure for Malaysia, joined the youngsters along with his sister, Princess Stéphanie, and both mucked in with the task of digging the rough and rocky terrain.  

Prince Albert and Princess Stéphanie helped the proud youngsters get the 100 native trees in the ground. Photo credit: Direction de la Communication / Frédéric Nebinger

The symbolic number of trees commemorates both the 100 years since the birth of the late Prince Rainier III and 100 years of the Scouts and Guides in Monaco.  

From cedars to Alep pines and flowering ash, the trees chosen and the project are also part of a much wider reforestation plan managed by France’s Office National des Forêts (ONF) that covers 305 hectares of land between Eze, La Turbie and Monaco.  

Back in 1986, a vast forest fire swept through the area and razed much of the woodland. In the last 30 or so years, an estimated 440,000 trees have been planted in this zone thanks to the ONF, the Principality of Monaco and the nearby French communes.  


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Photo credits: Direction de la Communication / Frédéric Nebinger