Silver Nova: Silversea’s first luxury hybrid cruise ship

Monaco-based Silversea Cruises has announced the name of its first hybrid ship, Silver Nova, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in-port by an impressive 40%.

Silversea Cruises recently revealed that Silver Nova will be the first in its innovative Project Evolution scheme, and construction has begun in Papenburg, Germany.

The vessel, which is set to be delivered in summer 2023, will be the first luxury hybrid cruise ship boasting a no-emission status whilst in port. The ship will have dual power sources – fuel cells and batteries – which will be used in port, and natural liquefied gas as its primary fuel source.

The new concept allows the ship to enter ports, protecting the local areas and helping to preserve the beauty of the places it visits.

The hybrid technology is not good for the ports, it also gives Silver Nova a sustainability edge by reducing emissions 40% overall over the company’s previous Muse class.

“Our Nova class ships represent a significant investment in unprecedented technological solutions,” says Roberto Martinoli, President and CEO of Silversea Cruises. “They support our mission to preserve the planet without compromising on comfort or luxury. Silver Nova is the manifestation of Silversea and Royal Caribbean Group’s long-term commitment to sustainability.”

Some of the sustainable features of the Silver Nova are a micro auto gasification system which reduces onboard waste volume and lowers incineration discharge. The ship is predicted to achieve an Energy Efficiency Design Index rating 25% better than the current International Maritime Organisation requirements. Shore power allows the ship to cut its main generators at certain ports and plug into onshore energy supplies, reducing onboard local emissions to zero. To top it off, the ship’s hydrodynamic design will lessen the vessel’s impact on the environment.

“Sustainability is the future of luxury travel and the name Silver Nova is representative of the incredible innovation of Silversea’s luxury,” added Barbara Muckermann, Chief Commercial Officer. “Silversea is already a leader in environmentally conscious travel and now, with Silver Nova, we will go even further to meet the expectations of both today’s and tomorrow’s luxury traveller.”

Photo of Jan Meyer and Roberto Martinoli, source Silversea