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Simplifying net zero

Simplifying net zero

By Stephanie Horsman - November 25, 2021

A free seminar is being held on 3rd December to help businesses understand how to reduce their carbon footprint, something that will eventually become a requirement for all.

Carbon Clarity Monaco is an organisation dedicated to creating a sustainable future for consumers and businesses.

In an effort to share its expertise and help businesses make sense of the requirements, practicalities and possibilities around the new reporting rules dictated at COP26 and by other legislative bodies on how to become zero-emission, it is organising its first information seminar in Monaco.

“What was once a voluntary market is soon to be a regulated necessity for each and every business in the EU and UK,” says Paul Coleman, CEO of Carbon Clarity. “These steps are currently filled with technical jargon and for those that are not qualified in the sector of sustainability, the process will present itself as a list of daunting tasks. Carbon Clarity cuts through the jargon to deliver simple step by step projects on the journey to net zero.”

The free seminar will last an hour and a half and will cover relevant topics such as how to take the first steps in carbon auditing, strategic reduction and offsetting, how businesses can become more efficient whilst benefiting our environment, the difference between carbon offsetting and insetting, and the situation with the current global landscape.

The meeting will also address the latest labyrinth of legislation from the national, European and international levels as well as the risks and opportunities presented by going green.

The inaugural seminar will take place at the Novotel Hotel at 10am on Friday 3rd December and organisations, VCs, Family Offices, businesses and individuals are invited to attend.

To register, email:


Photo by Elissa Garcia on Unsplash




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