Special Order of Grimaldi honours

As part of National Day celebrations, Prince Albert II this year wanted to honour all the men and women who have been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 in Monaco.
National Day in Monaco is as much about celebrating the people who contribute to its way of life as it is to honouring the Sovereign Prince and his family.
Therefore, this year, at the request of Prince Albert, the various members of the Monegasque community who have assisted in the months-long battle to protect citizens from the coronavirus were recognised and rewarded.

On Monday morning, the Sovereign Prince presented Director of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, Beno îte de Sevelinges, the ′Covid-19 Promotion’ Order of Grimaldi for all hospital staff.
In the afternoon, in the Court of Honour of the Palace, the Prince, in the presence of Princess Charlene and members of the Princely Family, awarded the ’Covid-19 Promotion’ decorations in the Order of Grimaldi and Medals of Honour for Volunteers to over 80 people.
© Photos: Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace, Manu Vitali / Government Communication Department