Special parking rates

Unique hourly rates are being implemented at many of the Principality’s parking garages during the deconfinement period to help make the transition back to normal less expensive for residents.

As of Monday 11th May, several of Monaco’s parking lots will be offering what is being termed “city entrance parking”. Primarily aimed at workers returning to their jobs who are not usual users of public car parks, this service is giving temporary cut-rate deals on parking.

For example, the cost of three hours of parking during this period will now be set at €3.50 rather than €6. The price for a whole day is capped at €5. In order to take advantage of this pricing, customers must now take a ticket. This goes for those with pre-paid subscriptions, as well. Those clients should not use their cards but should also take tickets to benefit from the deal.

The special rates apply to all car parks in the Principality except for the lots and garages of Princess Grace Hospital and Ostende, which have their own pricing plans and allow for patient parking as part of their resumption of medical services.  

Fontvieille Shopping Centre and Place d’Armes also will retain original rates to keep places free for customers as well as Saint-Laurent, des Carmes, des Oliviers and Bellevue car parks in order to keep spaces during the hours necessary for school runs.

Parking de l’Abbaye is also on this list due to its low capacity.

The plan will stay in effect until 15th June, unless the changing health situation deems otherwise.