Spring is in the air at the Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival

Welcome the return to warm days and sunshine with the Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival, the theme ‘My End is My Beginning’ perfectly representing what is in store at this decidedly modern event.

As the days grow longer and nature begins her wondrous renewal dance, so too does the Principality at the 2022 Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival.

Cinema, art, and dance all join together, creating moments of beauty and wonder for audiences and guests to enjoy.

Under the theme ‘My End is My Beginning’, chosen by the event’s new artistic director Bruno Mantovani, the programme, as well as the lectures and roundtable events, will offer insight into the idea that when one creative period ends, another often starts. This will be portrayed in myriad ways, whether it be through the identity of Russian music or writing for string quartets.

Additionally, Armenia is in the spotlight for this year’s event, and will be celebrated with a series of concerts that showcase the artistic vitality of a country that has just the right blend of tradition and modernity.

The works of artist Sergei Parajanov will be featured in an exhibit and his film, Sayat Nova, will be screened. The ballet Sept, les anges du Sinjar, composed by Aram Hovhannisyan and Michel Petrossian and choreographed by Michel Hallet-Eghayan, will enlighten people to the plight of the Yazidi culture, which has been persecuted over the centuries and still faces the same trials today.

Some of the concerts will be followed by “salons” where artists and audiences talk about the music, shared in an intimate setting.

The Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival runs from 10th March to 3rd April and a full listing of the events, times and places can be found on their website at https://www.printempsdesarts.mc/programme