‘State of Grace’ by Marcos Marin: a journey through optical art and legacy

The Jardins des Boulingrins in Monaco is currently hosting ‘State of Grace,’ a captivating exhibition by optical artist Marcos Marin.

Marcos Marin, originally from Brazil, has carved a niche in the international art scene with his pioneering work in optical art. Marin blends musical rhythms with visual dynamics, a hallmark of his art that has earned him worldwide recognition and several prestigious awards.

As visitors embark on their exploration of ‘State of Grace’ from the top of Jardin Boulingrins, they are first introduced to Marin’s sculptures of Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor, setting the stage for an artistic journey through iconic beauty and timeless elegance.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene sculpture by artist Marcos Marin.

As they continue to descend through the garden, the exhibition seamlessly transitions to the contemporary Monaco narrative, featuring sculptures of Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene, and their twins, Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella. Through Marin’s artistic vision, the exhibition highlights the fascinating blend of cinematic and royal histories.

The exhibition culminates in a heart-shaped sculpture of Rainier III and Princess Grace Kelly, symbolically overlooking the Place du Casino, as if connecting Monaco’s past and present.

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Photo credit: Monte Carlo SBM