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24 new Covid cases on 15 Jan. brings total to 1,169: 24 hospitalised: 15 resident + 9 in ICU: 6 resident, 124 home monitored, 962 recoveries, 8 deaths

Strict restaurant rules from 2nd January

Strict restaurant rules from 2nd January

By Stephanie Horsman - December 31, 2020

People will have to prove they are either a Monaco resident, or are working or staying in the Principality, in order to dine at local restaurants from Saturday, as the government responds to a surge in Covid cases.

The New Year carries with it the same old problems. Covid has not magically disappeared with the end of 2020, and new measures have had to be put in place to help stop the spread of the virus that has become a hallmark of the times.

As such, the government of Monaco has decided that, from 2nd January at 7pm, only those who live, work or are staying in a hotel in the country will be allowed to go to Monaco’s eateries.

The restaurants will be required to ask those entering to show a justification or proof that they fall into one of the three categories mentioned above.

“Although the incidence rate in Monaco is half that in the Alpes-Maritimes, and even though the Principality performs twice as many tests, it has indeed been noted that the number of positive cases has increased in recent days,” said the government in a statement. “Consequently, in continuity of the balance maintained until now between the protection of the health of the population and the preservation of economic activity, the Prince’s government will limit access to its restaurants to only people justifying a residence or work in Monaco.”

The government says it will not rule out strengthening measures even more if the health situation requires it. This new regulation is in addition to those already in place, such as the curfew, the complete closure of nightclubs and bars, mandatory mask-wearing and other social distancing protocols.

This latest move follows a call by Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi earlier in the week for either restaurants to be closured in Monaco or for authorities to impose a travel ban for French citizens crossing the border.


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