Student exhibition at Pavillion Bosio

The graduating class of Monaco’s Fine Arts College, Pavillion Bosio, are presenting the first in a series of public exhibitions entitled Paysages Empruntés (Borrowed Landscapes). The works are on display in the Salle Marcel Kroenlein at the Exotic Garden of Monaco. 

The eight students used a variety of digital technologies, including YouTube tutorials, mapping, and videos from the web to create their displays, drawing on what they’ve learned over the course of their studies and using these techniques to create the space based on the idea of a shared moment.

This innovative, fresh and thoroughly modern way of looking at and defining art is a road map for future students, as well as the art world as whole.

Students at Pavillion Bosio. Photo: Mairie de Monaco

The exhibit is open from 9am to 1pm, and again in the afternoons from 2pm to 5pm daily until 15th September.