Students, businesses to benefit from new initiative

A new website has been launched in the Principality connecting employers and students for work-study positions.
The Youth Employment Unit of the Employment Service, in conjunction with the Department of Social Affairs and Health, has launched the new website.
A beneficial set-up for both students and employers, work-study programmes are wildly successful and hugely popular. The trouble is often finding the right programme for students and finding the right candidates for employers.
Now, it is possible for both sides to connect, thanks to a Youth Employment Unit of the Employment Service and Department of Social Affairs and Health website which links employers and students in Monaco.
Students who choose work-study situations have advantages over those who don’t go this route, notably that they can obtain on-the-job training in their chosen fields, as well as differentiating themselves from the pack all with the support of their educational institution and their employer.
The website is geared toward students aged 16 to 26 and Monaco-based companies looking for more information on work-study programmes. This includes how the system works, news and information about the different players involved.
Students can ask for in-depth information on their status, pay or what kind of work they will be performing, as well as help in finding a suitable school in the region along with companies and banks who are looking to hire.
The site is up and running as of 1st June, ready to pair up suitable candidates and establishments.