"Low risk" as students test positive

Two students at two different Monegasque schools have contracted Covid-19, however the government says there is “negligible” contamination risk given the strict health measures in place.
The government revealed late Thursday evening that a young elementary school student (CE2) from the François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré school located in Monaco-Ville had tested positive for Covid-19. The young girl will self-quarantine for a fortnight at her home.
A student in 6ème at Charles III College had also tested positive for the virus.
While teachers and pupils who have been in contact with both students will be offered a PCR test, the government maintains that the infected students pose a “negligible risk” of passing on the virus due to the fact that they, like their classmates and teachers, were wearing masks in compliance with strict health measures. “The risk of contamination is therefore very low,” said the government in a statement.
Classes are continuing in both schools, however distancing measures have been reinforced, hand hygiene has been strengthened, and everyone has been instructed to use only their personal items.
In addition to these precautionary measures, each student in both classes will have their temperature taken twice a day for the next 14 days – the potential incubation period of the virus.
When students and teachers returned to school at the beginning of September, the government made mask wearing compulsory for all students aged over 5 years.