Subsidy offered to green leaning businesses

The government is offering a grant of up to €6,000 for businesses who undertake upgrades using eco-friendly materials, in support of the environment and the country’s economic recovery plan.

A new subsidy is being offered to the 80 environmentally-minded businesses and restaurants who are part of the Committed Commerce and Committed Restaurant scheme started in 2017 by the government’s Environmental Department and the organisation, Ecoscience Provence.

Launched in 2017 and relaunched in 2020, the Monaco Environmental Department and Ecoscience Provence, the Committed Commerce and Committed Restaurants programmes have seen some 80 establishments join the ranks of enterprises committed to reducing waste, saving energy and water, and promoting sustainable mobility.

In order to support those already involved, as well as to entice those considering joining the scheme, and as part of the economic recovery plan, the government is now offering assistance ranging from €3,000 to €6,000 to members in order to help decrease the costs associated with making upgrades and paying for new eco-friendly materials.

To date, a variety of businesses have joined the programme, ranging from florists, hairdressers and barbers, food shops and clothing retailers to bars, restaurants and bakeries.

Personalised advice is available to those who are part of the scheme to help get the word out about their environmental commitments as well as to help them advertise the fact through window stickers, virtual logos, vehicle stickers, posters and internet referencing on the Committed Commerce and websites.

In order to be considered for the scheme, establishments must follow several obligatory guidelines, recently updated, including waste reduction and sorting, discontinuation of single-use items, reuse and recycling when possible, supporting local dynamics, actively reducing energy and water consumption and customer awareness.

In order to benefit from the proposed aid package, a request must be submitted by 31st May 2021. For general information visit the government website at