Summer bus line to The Rock ends for season

The number 8 line, set up for the summer by the government and the Compagnie des Autobuses de Monaco, will no longer be in service as of last Sunday.

The 100% electric shuttle bus connected Monaco-Ville, Place d’Armes, Port Hercule, Place Sainte-Dévote, and Rue Grimaldi, between 8pm and 10:50pm this summer.

With a passage every quarter of an hour, it was a convenient way for residents and tourists to easily access the restaurants and shops of The Rock during summer evenings.

The number 8 line had mixed results, according to Roland de Rechniewski, Compagnie des Autobuses de Monaco’s (CAM) Director of Operations, but he says the line has a future, though perhaps next year with different stops.

“There are other possibilities. We have to think about it, experiment to find the right solution and not hesitate to modify it as needed,” he told La Gazette de Monaco. “We are questioning ourselves, we are trying to improve our services while allowing professionals in Monaco, not just in Le Rocher, to have support for their customers.”

The car park, Parking de la Visitation, will remain open to residents of the Principality and neighbouring towns in the evening and on weekends, with about 20 spaces available.



Photo source: Direction de la Communication / Stéphane Danna