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Shoppers rejoice at Sunday trading announcement

Shoppers rejoice at Sunday trading announcement

By Cassandra Tanti - July 1, 2019

Sunday trading will now be available in Monaco throughout the busiest months of the year, after the National Council and the Government were able to come to an agreement on the details.

The National Council voted unanimously to amend the Sunday trading bill. Photo: National Council of Monaco

Retail stores now have the freedom to open on any Sunday that they wish, provided they do not exceed 30 Sundays within the year.

The government of Monaco had initially aimed to rezone the Principality as part of the Sunday trading bill and introduce the possibility of opening 25 Sundays per year in the Monte Carlo district, while the rest of the Principality would open for nine Sundays of the year.

One Monte Carlo forms part of the new shopping options in Monaco. Photo: Monte Carlo SBM

“We managed, after long debates, to reach an agreement with the Monaco Government, which wanted to create two zones and limit the number of Sundays according to the districts, which was unfair and incomprehensible for consumers,” said Council President Stéphane Valeri. “The voted text is balanced and is a big step forward for consumers, employees and traders who want it.”

Just as employers will have the freedom to choose whether or not to open, employees will also be free to accept or reject the option of working on a Sunday, which will be paid accordingly.

The move has been welcomed by Councilor Christophe Robino, author of the bill. “The law we voted is satisfactory. It protects employees, whose employers’ expenses will be refunded and who will benefit from fair compensation, such as double pay or an extra day of rest.”

The Prince’s Government is now promoting the new trading hours with the launch of an annual summer campaign titled ‘Monaco Sunday Experience’, during which customers can enjoy a “complete and varied offer combining shopping, well-being, gastronomy and culture”.

The trading law amendment will bring Monaco in line with its neighbouring countries.

“This bill will help to maintain the attractiveness of Monaco on a day that benefits foreign competition: French and Italian,” said Councilor Corinne Bertani, responsible for trade and the first signatory of the bill.

It was one of five bills that were voted upon unanimously on 24th June during the public closing session of spring 2019.

Among the others was Bill 982, with amendments to certain provisions relating to the profession of a midwife. The law, which essentially limited the practice to “simple deliveries” and the prescription of examinations and medicines, now allows midwifes to provide preventive gynecological consultations, diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy, as well as postnatal examination.

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