Support local business, travel home for free

Restaurateurs and retailers in Monaco can use the lure of free taxi vouchers to draw in customers under a government-funded scheme that is also designed to support local taxi drivers.

The Monaco government has launched the Ticket Taxis + scheme as part of the Red and White Fund to assist in economic recovery. The aim is to help hard hit taxi drivers get back on their feet by co-funding trips in the Principality and neighbouring villages, while helping other local businesses draw in customers.

The programme is based on a voucher system, whereby merchants and restauranteurs can purchase the taxi vouchers to give to their customers for a free trip home.  

Taxi drivers, merchants and restauranteurs are asked to contribute €5 to each voucher, and the government subsidises the other €10, based on Monaco’s flat €15 taxi rate.

The aim is not only to help struggling taxi drivers get back to work, but also to improve quality of life for residents. The system fits in with Monaco’s environmental philosophy, as the use of taxis will lessen the number of cars on the streets as well as reduce pollution expelled by individual car use. 

The vouchers are valid for people who live in and around Monaco and are using Monegasque services and establishments.

Local businesses can purchase the Ticket Taxis + booklet from the Welcome Office at a cost of €100 per book of 20 trips.

The scheme is based solely on participating taxis and businesses in the Principality.

By Cassandra Tanti and Stephanie Horsman