Supporting a circular economy this Christmas

Carlo, the payment app that rewards buyers for local purchases, will be again offering gift vouchers to employers who wish to give their workers an end of year treat this holiday season.

Launched in 2019, local app Carlo has been a huge success story. The app, which allows people to purchase goods from 317 local businesses with their smartphone while giving them 5% cash back on their purchases, has provided Covid-wrecked businesses a boost whilst giving savvy consumers a chance to save and spend on things they would be buying anyway.

Last year, Carlo went the extra mile, offering local companies and employers the possibility to give gift vouchers to their employees for a holiday bonus or as a special indulgence. The government was amongst the first to jump on this and in the end gave out roughly 10,000 vouchers to civil servants, state and municipal workers, non-medical staff at Princess Grace hospital and retired civil service workers. A selection of local vendors soon followed suit.

The programme was so popular that Carlo has brought gift vouchers back for the 2021 holiday season.

The app, which boasts 21,000 users, has processed almost €13 million in transactions since inception. These purchases have generated €900,000 in customer rewards and are hugely beneficial to the local economy as the cash back rewards are spent in other local businesses, which generates more consumer awards, creating a circular system good for both purchaser and seller.

Since the launch, over €2 million in VAT has been earned by these transactions making it good for the government as well.

Outside the gift voucher programme, the app has taken on a life of its own with consumers using the app independently. In September 2021 alone, there were 450 daily transactions using Carlo, representing 70% of all active users.

Personal data collected at registration is stored in accordance with the law using the latest technology and transactions are made through Lemonway, an ACPR-Banque of France approved institution. The QR code system means that purchases are practical, fast and safe.

Carlo has been refining its functionalities since its introduction and now boasts features such as bill sharing, digital marketing, improved interfacing and partner showcasing.