Synbio Day Conference: science for environmental preservation

The Novotel Hotel and the Oceanographic Museum are playing host to an extraordinary conference bringing together experts explaining how they propose using synthetic biology to help preserve the environment.

More than 25 international authorities are meeting up on 13th and 14th October for the Synbio Day 2022 Conference, being held at the Novotel Hotel and the Oceanographic Museum.

Synthetic biology, or Synbio, is a field of science that involves redesigning organisms for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities. Researchers and companies around the world are now harnessing the power of the ecosystem to solve problems in medicine, manufacturing and agriculture, making this field a particularly interesting one for future developments in the cross-pollinating worlds of science and nature.

The experts, brought together in Monaco by Eurekare and the Monaco Scientific Centre (CSM), will be joined by researchers, industry partners, government officials and investors to discuss the opportunities and challenges of applying synthetic biology solutions to combat climate change and other environmental concerns.

The conference will include topics such as innovations in greener products such as biofuels, to reduce global carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, the creation of bioplastics to replace chemical plastic, ubiquitous in everyday objects and packaging, and the design of bacteria to degrade synthetic materials, which could reduce more than 165 million tonnes of plastic now polluting the seas.

Local speakers include Professors Patrick Rampal, President of the CSM, and Denis Allemand, CSM’s Scientific Director.


Image credit: Sangharsh Lohakare on Unsplash