Syndicat des Jeux Européens boosts CSM paediatric brain cancer study with €,2000 donation

The Syndicat des Jeux Européens de la Société des Bains de Mer has thrown its support behind two important Monegasque causes: the Centre Scientifique de Monaco’s paediatric brain cancer research study and Princess Stéphanie’s Fight Aids Monaco association. 

At a ceremony held in front of the Casino de Monte-Carlo on Tuesday 20th February, the Syndicat des Jeux Européens renewed its support for the works being undertaken by the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM) to learn more about how, why and when brain tumours form in children with a €2,000 cheque. Another €2,000 cheque was also given to representatives of Fight Aids Monaco, which is presided over by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.

The donation to the CSM will help fund the critical research being carried out by its Stem Cells and Brain Tumours team. Led by Dr. Vincent Picco, the team is in the midst of a study that seeks to uncover what causes brain tumours to form in children, with a particular focus on the embryonic stage.

Dr. Picco has expressed his gratitude for the renewed support, saying, “This new donation from the Syndicat des Jeux Européens will help us further refine the genetic characterisation of our research models, which are crucial for understanding paediatric cancerisation at the embryonic stage.”

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Photo source: Centre Scientifique de Monaco