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5 new cases of Covid-19 on 11 August brings total in Monaco to 138: 5 hospitalised, 10 home monitored, 113 cured, 1 resident death

The App you need right now

The App you need right now

By Stephanie Horsman - April 8, 2020

Lest the denizens of Monaco go without their favourite souffle, sushi or burger during lockdown, there’s an App grouping together a great selection of Monaco restaurants to help keep bellies full and support local businesses. 

For many, the mandatory closure of restaurants in Monaco in mid-March due to the health crisis want tantamount to disaster. Being able to enjoy the culinary delights of the Principality was a right many took for granted. Not being able to partake left many panicky diners wondering, “What’s for dinner…and breakfast and lunch?”, especially those not skilled in kitchen arts.

Carloapp provides users in Monaco with a platform of restaurants who are offering their favourite dishes without breaking the rules of confinement. All that is required of customers is to create the ambiance at home, and voila! It’s almost as if life was back to normal…Except for the kids screaming in the background.

Participating restaurants can be found at:

The variety of options is impressive with pizza and burgers being prominent but by no means the only choices. Cipriani, Maison des Pâtes and Pacific are delivering for those looking for higher end fare. Japanese, Italian, Chinese, smoothies and desserts like pastries and gelato can all be delivered right to doorsteps all over Monaco. Even bottles of wine can be brought in this way.

So, if the thought of another night of pasta with butter is enough to make even the kids turn their noses up, treat yourself and try ordering in. It’s also a great way to support businesses in Monaco during the current crisis.



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