The award winning rose

Organised by the Association of Friends of the Princess Grace Rose Garden, the 6th International Rose Competition has found its overall winner with a Catherine Frot rose grown by Marie-Françoise Dorieux.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, said Juliet of her Romeo, but perhaps she would have felt differently if she had been amongst the selection on hand at the 6th International Rose Competition held at the Princess Grace Rose Garden on 4th May.

The jury examined over 70 varieties of roses on several criteria including number of flowers, how many weeks they flowered, disease resistance, fragrance, colour, floridity, rise and vigour of the foliage.

The International Jury met in the Princess Grace Rose Garden for a final examination of the roses before deliberating and sharing a moment with the participants, members of the Association of Friends of the Rose Garden chaired by Yves Piaget, and the Department of Urban Development (DAU) who co-organised the event.

Later that day, a prize giving ceremony was held at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort.

The top prize, the Piaget Rose Trophy, went to the Catherine Frot rose from Marie-Françoise Dorieux, who competed under the ‘Multiple Flowers’ category. The Eudora rose from French company NIRP International, which was in the ‘Hybrid Tea’ category, won the Perfume Cup, offered by the Monaco City Hall.

The organisers are also looking to the people of Monaco to decide on their favourite as well. From 5th May to 21st June, members of the public can vote on their preferred flower by going to and hitting “like” on their choice. The rose with the most votes will receive the People’s Prize, which will be handed out on 21st June.



Photo source: Government Communication Department