The City Council continues to digitise its services

City council

In recent years, under the leadership of Mayor Georges Marsan and the Communal Council, the Town Hall has gradually embarked on the digital transition. After the forms and the old acts becamme accessible online, then more recently the online payment of surface parking, citizens can now go online to request civil documents.

City council

Users no longer need to go to the City Hall to request a birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other document issued by the Civil Status Service – Nationality.

Requests for online proceedings can be accessed directly from the website in three languages ​​- French, Italian and English. Documents can be ordered and paid online, before being sent directly to the user’s home.

Soon, the City Council will also implement the digitisation of tenders. These can be consulted following their publication in the Official Journal of Monaco from a dedicated platform still accessible via the website of the City Council. Interested companies will have the opportunity to download the consultation file.

For information, the digitisation of calls for tenders is a legal obligation in France since 1 October 2018. Although the Principality is not subject to this legislation, the Town Hall of Monaco, in view of its activities, wanted to match the rule.