The city of Nice and its low-risk, high-profit potential for real estate investors

nice real estate

Properties in Nice, one of the Top 10 investment cities in France for real estate according to a new report, are a hot commodity. Is it time to get in on the action?

Buying investment properties may seem like risky business, but in the case of Nice, it is far less so, according to a new report put out by last week. In the report, the capital of the Côte d’Azur came out as the sixth most recommended in France for real estate investment and particularly as a rental venture.

The criteria for selecting the best investment cities included several factors, such as the gross rental yield, meaning the ratio between the annual rent that can be expected by the landlord before taxes and charges, and the average purchase price of property in the city. The more this rate is, the more profitable the investment is expected to be.

It also considered the ease of finding tenants, how long it takes for owners to sell their homes in the area, and the ratio between the total number of sellers and buyers in the locale.

In the case of Nice, despite having rather a high per-square-metre cost, hovering at €5,045/m2, the rental rate per-square-metre was a solid €18.10, making it the highest in the top eight cities on the list.

It takes only 70 days on average to sell a property in Nice, which is reasonable on the national scale, and the rental market is off the charts, with very high demand making leasing a property extremely easy.

Nice’s appeal goes beyond the obvious beaches and blue skies. It boasts plentiful cultural sites and establishments, high-quality and varied dining options, excellent local transportation and a close proximity to Italy, Monaco and Cannes.

Marseille, France’s second largest city, came in first position in the report.


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Photo source: Joachim Lesne for Unsplash