‘The Cold is Getting Hot’: International experts to unite in Monaco for polar-focused conference

Members of the global scientific community will be heading to Monaco’s Musée Océanographique de Monaco later this month for ‘The Cold is Getting Hot’ symposium on how the alarming situation in the world’s polar regions is affecting the planet as a whole. 

Scheduled to take place between 22nd and 23rd February, ‘The Cold is Getting Hot’ event is back for a second edition. It is set to bring together leaders from across the scientific world as well as environmentally minded experts for a series of discussions and debates on the health and future of Earth’s polar regions. 

This time round, it will place a heavy focus on not only documenting and acknowledging the plight of the poles, but also the need to prioritse research and establish concrete policies that will ensure their protection and conservation going forwards.  

The event is being co-organised by a prestigious list of key players on the environmental and world scene, including the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2), the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC). It has also benefited from input from the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco – the Prince Albert I Foundation, the Scientific Centre of Monaco, the European Polar Board and the World Economic Forum. 

Attendance can be in-person or online, with streaming access open to the public. Further information on the event can be found here.  


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Photo source: USGS, Unsplash