‘The Era of Luxtainable’

The International University of Monaco (IUM) will be hosting the first edition of the Sustainable Luxury Conference on Monday 17th May, a digital event that will this year focus on ‘The Era of Luxstainable’.
It is the first year that the International University of Monaco, together with its MSc students in Fashion and in Event Management, is organising the Sustainable Luxury Conference in Monaco. The inaugural edition, called ‘The Era of Luxtainable’, will focus on how luxury companies can include sustainability in the different divisions in the value chain and their business operations in general.
A variety of guest speakers will present how their company has implemented sustainable solutions and business practices, and there will also be time for the audience to ask questions.
“Sustainability is one of the priorities for the Principality of Monaco. Our country is a kind of laboratory and plein air for innovative sustainable projects,” said Dr. Annalisa Tarquini–Poli, Program Director of MSc in Luxury Management at IUM. “The International University of Monaco is part of this ecosystem and we have fully embraced this philosophy. We have not only integrated sustainable courses in most of our programs, we also offer our students the opportunity to work on real projects as part of our experiential learning approach.
“This Sustainable Luxury conference is not only part of our promise to offer real projects to our students but is our engagement and modest contribution to support the role of the Principality to develop a sustainable consciousness.”
The International University of Monaco welcomes students, professors, professionals and IUM business partners to attend the event on 17th May from 4pm to 7pm CET. The event will be fully digital, which means that it will take place on Zoom and YouTube. Registration is required and can be made by clicking here.