The first ever Padel Best Expo is underway in Monaco

Padel best expo

The high octane Padel Best Expo is currently underway at the Grimaldi Forum featuring everything padel enthusiasts could wish for: the world’s leading padel brands and suppliers, celebrity appearances, and official competitions. 

On Sunday 7th April, the long awaited first edition of Padel Best Expo, organised by BSG Italy, kicked off, with Louis Ducruet officially opening the event by cutting the ribbon. Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO of BSG, lead the ceremony, saying “It’s very emotional being here today, setting the exposition in motion after the hard work we have done preparing it since July.”

The traditional rope cutting ceremony was followed by a dance and show, and the appearance of Paddy, the official mascot for Padel Best Expo.

Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO of BSG, and Louis Ducruet opening the Padel Best Expo on Sunday

Inside the Grimaldi Forum’s Padel Exposition

This year’s exposition is all about innovation and technology integration in the sport, with a spotlight on current trends. Visitors get a sneak peek into the experiential event inside the Grimaldi Forum, with the latest equipment, materials and courts all on show.

The exposition also features start-ups who are leading the new global trends in padel, as well as padel federations from various countries, with special areas for networking in the ‘Digital Space Stations’, a key concept of the exposition.

It gives regular players a chance to meet up and enjoy their shared passion, padel, while providing an opportunity for the more novice players to discover the specifics of the sport that is taking the world by storm.

Louis Ducruet at the Padel Forum, photo credits: Frederic Nebinger, Prince Palace

Second edition of Five Padel Cup inside the Grimaldi Forum 

Several Padel courts have been set up inside the Grimaldi Forum, enabling the Five Padel Cup to take place in the heart of the expo. Here, five tournaments are taking place: Club Padel Cup, Women Padel Cup, For All Padel Cup, Generation Z and Champions and Business. There is also a ‘have fun’ area, with a digital gym and interactive games for visitors to participate in.

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Among the teams taking part in the Padel Best Expo is the Barbagiuans of Monaco, founded by Prince Albert II and now chaired by Louis Ducruet, who will field several teams, most of them made up of iconic figures from local and international football.

The Padel Best Exp is on from the 7th to 9th April at Grimaldi Forum. Tickets are available here.


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Photo credits: Frederic Nebinger, Prince Palace