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The GP and art: ‘Masters of Monaco’

The GP and art: ‘Masters of Monaco’

By Stephanie Horsman - May 20, 2021

Alan Walsh is exhibiting a new collection of works at his Monaco gallery featuring 16 Formula One greats, just in time for this weekend’s big event, the Monaco Grand Prix.

British-born Alan Walsh describes his work as “art to brighten the world.” Take one look and there is no doubt this is true. Walsh’s unique style features subjects that make one feel more than think, and the feeling is resolutely on the cheerful side.

His latest offering, called ‘Masters of Monaco’ is a series inspired by the biggest sporting event on Monaco’s calendar, the Formula One Grand Prix, which will be held this year on 23rd May. The wall installation features 16 of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time, namely those who have won the GP two times or more.

Each piece was hand-drawn in black ink, except for Niki Lauda, who was given a red cap in tribute to the former Ferrari Pilot and Mercedes boss who passed away a few years ago.

Artist Alan Walsh

In addition to the smaller pen and ink drawings, Walsh has created and will be creating, in his signature style, large, boldly-coloured paintings of select drivers that are truly awe-inspiring. In the collection will be Senna, Hamilton, Schumacher, Prost, Lauda and many more, all distinctive by the fact that no facial details are present, a style he adopted as a teenager.

“I went on work experience as a 14-year-old lad to a big advertising agency in the UK,” explains the artist. “I was asked to story board some ideas for a TV commercial, when the creative director came back an hour later, I was still drawing the face of the first person. He told me not to bother with the facial details as it was just a concept and to just add hair or show expression through body language. That was it, I’ve never drawn a face since.”

In the run up to the big race, Walsh will “live paint” a different pilot each day, including Monaco’s native son, Charles Leclerc, who is a frequent visitor to the gallery.

To see the unique works in person, visit the Walsh Gallery Monaco on Rue Grimaldi, or go online to






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