The Guardians of the Planet premieres in Monaco

Les Gardiennes de la Planète

The Grimaldi Forum was honoured with the premiere screening of Les Gardiennes de la Planète last week, a project supported the Prince Albert II Foundation and UNESCO, in an event well-attended by the Princely family.  

Prince Albert II led the blue carpet at the Grimaldi Forum on Thursday 9th February alongside members of the Grimaldi family as well as the film’s director, Jean-Albert Lièvre, narrator Jean Dujardin and CEO of the Prince Albert II Foundation, Olivier Wenden.  

The French-language production, which will hit cinemas on Wednesday 22nd February after a number of special previews, including screenings at schools throughout the Principality, walks a line between documentary and story-telling.  

Told from the point of view of the whale and tracing a dramatic beaching on a remote shore, Les Gardiennes de la Planète – or The Guardians of the Planet in English – confronts the complex challenges of climate change that threaten this great species and provides a strong warning of the consequences the world could face if these giants disappear from the oceans.  

It offers a marvel of underwater cinematography with incredible screens featuring family groups in a range of locations around the world.

See the trailer below for a taster of this magical experience. 


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