The Journey Never Ends: David Yarrow returns to G&M Design Gallery

david yarrow

David Yarrow, one of the world’s bestselling photographers, has unveiled his captivating new exhibition and collection, The Journey Never Ends, at the G&M Design Gallery on Monaco’s Avenue Princesse Grace.  

On Thursday 12th April, David Yarrow travelled to the Principality to attend the launch of his latest exhibition in person.  

It is not the first time that the famed photographer has displayed his work in the Principality nor is it his first exhibit at the G&M Design Gallery, which is owned by British interior designer and businesswoman Tina Green. 

“When I first came here 10 years ago, I didn’t know anyone, but now I know a lot of people and I like to talk to friends rather than strangers, so every time I come back to this gallery, I feel like I’m home since I have exhibited here around six times already,” he told Monaco Life at the vernissage.  

The new show, entitled The Journey Never Ends, showcases Yarrow’s most recent works, each set in dramatic landscapes and surroundings, and often blending the wild with the world of celebrity. 

I seek to entertain and perhaps, at the margin, remind people that we live in a beautiful world,” he shared.  

“Go the extra mile” 

Through his photographs, one can see Yarrow’s dedication to getting the perfect image, a viewpoint that no one has seen before.  

As he tells Monaco Life, “I think that, in Monaco, like a lot of places of wealth and luxury, people see a lot of content and to grab someone’s attention you must go the extra mile, you must push yourself.” 

One of his famous pieces, The Siberian, is proof of this determination.  

This masterpiece captures a Siberian tiger, an endangered species, looking directly at the camera. To capture the shot, Yarrow had to use his influential connections to gain the right to travel to a remote part of the country with permission from the Chinese authorities. It was a rigorous process.  

“The most important thing in photography is to know how to negotiate to get your camera into places no one has been to,” he said. “The road does go on forever and the journey never ends - I am a lucky man to call this a job.” 

Check out our reel of the vernissage event below:


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Photo by Monaco Life