The rise of AI in coaching: a new frontier for personal and professional development

Artificial Intelligence has entered the sphere of personal and professional coaching, but can software really replicate the highly-personalised approach sought by disciples of the industry? According to Nadav Wilf, the founder of, AI can do just that – and more. 

When Monaco Life attended the recent KSMATCH Investor Lounge in Monaco, which connected innovative entrepreneurs with potential investors, one of the start-ups that stood out was

Founded by 42-year-old San Diego native Nadav Wilf, the company is blending traditional aspects of coaching with sophisticated technology that can intricately map human mindsets, emotions and thought patterns.

Wilf’s technology has the potential to transform the way coaches approach and navigate their clients’ needs by merging cognitive psychology, neuroscience and performance coaching with data gleaned by AI. The result, according to Wilf, who was inspired to create the company after suffering from anxiety and depression during his university years, is a faster and more streamlined path to self-awareness.

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“AI is revolutionising how we approach personal and professional development,” he told Monaco Life. “We’re pioneering the use of AI to map the human mindset and speed up the journey to self-awareness and effective solution finding.”

By leveraging AI, is also able to tackle the traditional obstacles of cost and accessibility that have previously restricted the widespread availability of effective coaching, much of which is practiced one-on-one.

As AI technology advances, its application within coaching signals a new era of the enhancement of human potential and extends beyond efficiency improvements into new areas of growth and insight.

“That is the power of AI,” Wilf enthused.

Nadav is offering a complimentary Align Coaching session to all Monaco Life readers. Sessions can be scheduled here


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Pictured in main photo: Badr Moudden, co-founder of K2MATCH, and Nadav Wilf, CEO of Photo supplied