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The Women of Monaco Life, A Series: Irina Rojinski

The Women of Monaco Life, A Series: Irina Rojinski

By Nancy Heslin - December 14, 2017

Rojinksi5Irina Rojinski, Designer of leather goods

ML: Can you tell me about your background and how you ended up in the Principality?
IR: I am Russian, born in the USSR. After I graduated from the Musical Institute, where I majored as a Choir Music Conductor, I married and left for Stockholm, Sweden. I ended up working there as a fashion model and a buyer, and then was a fashion producer organising showrooms for Russian Designers abroad, in Paris, London and NY.

ML: What were your first impressions of Monaco?
IR: I have now been living in Monaco for the past four years after moving here from Paris and Berlin, but I used to come here for holidays with my family every summer so it felt very familiar.

ML: Name a place you like to meet friends for a coffee in Monaco? Where do you shop?
IR: My favourite place to meet up with friends is at the Metropole shopping centre. For shopping, I’m a huge fan of big brands such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Celine etc…


ML: How did you begin as a clothes designer?
IR: I’ve always worked in fashion and therefore I can confidently say that I know what a woman needs in her wardrobe. That’s how I came up with designing leather goods for women – women always need leggings, jackets, biker jackets – signature items in a women’s closet .

ML: How did it feel when you sold you first piece of clothing?
IR: I have been selling clothes since forever, and in fact I get more satisfaction from selling then from buying.

ML: How would you describe fashion in Monaco?
IR: In fact, the Monaco style I find to be rather specific: very exclusive high heels, huge diamond stone jewellery, poofy skirts , décolleté … and more diamonds.


ML: What inspires you when creating clothing?
IR: Inspired by this Monegasque look, I’ve have created a collection with Swarovski diamonds on my biker jackets.

ML: Where can people find your clothes?
IR: You can find some of my collection at the LULL boutique in La Condamine (29 Rue de Millo), otherwise the entire collection is available on my website

ML: What’s the hardest part of running your own business?
IR: I’m very passionate about everything I do as I find my job to be a type of art where I can express myself. Being a woman in business in the fashion world is a blessing to be creative and recognised.

ML: What is a typical day for you? What’s the most important part of your day?
IR: My work consists of 4 parts: Production, Organisation of my showrooms, Work with private clients and Checking up on my online aspect of the business, which my daughter is in charge of.

ML: What is the one device you cannot live without?
IR: I definitively can’t live without my iPhone.

ML: What is the best part of ageing as a woman?
IR: Between fitness and today’s cosmetology being so up-to-date, you can stay young and healthy for a very long time. Your mind matures and becomes more complex in a good way. For example, every year I get more inspired and can back it up with stability and experience, whereas when I was younger, I also had a lot of inspiration but was often distracted thinking there is not enough time. As I got older, I realised there is always enough time if you’re truly passionate enough.

ML: What’s the best piece of advice another woman gave you?
IR: Don’t take advice from other women.

ML: What makes a woman beautiful?
IR: Her style and keeping her self in shape.


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